Album Launch Success!

Jen twangin' the jaw harp at the Eden Mills Community Centre.

Photo: Andrea Timar

We had a fantastic time launching The Current at The Monarch Tavern in Toronto and in Eden Mills. Thank you so much to all who came out to support us in the birthing process. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Many thanks to Gary Diggins, Tom Wolf and Vince Maccarone for joining us on stage.

As if Evalyn Parry‘s set wouldn’t have been cool enough solo, she had brilliant Bob Cohen accompanying her on guitar. Welcome to Toronto, Bob! (He’s a recent transplant from Montreal.) Sue Smith was magnificent on the grand piano at Eden Mills!


If you missed picking up a cd at one of our launch parties, you may purchase either a cd or mp3s to download via Bandcamp. The digital album may also be downloaded from iTunes.

Thank you so much Sandor Ajzenstat and Andie Timar for your fab photos of the shows.  Check the photo album out on our Facebook Page.

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