House Concerts

Jennis has now played a few house concerts and we want to play more! We love the intimacy, the relaxed, friendly environment, the attentive listening and the many wonderful people we have gotten to meet. Here is a clip from a house concert we did in Stony Mountain, Manitoba in July 2016 along with a few words from its presenter:

When Jennifer and Dennis got here they set up quickly & professionally. The first piece was spectacular, and set the tone for the rest of the evening. They have a full & large sound that might come from a 3 or 4 member group. They were in touch with the audience, so much so that they encouraged our friend’s 10 yr old sing along with them on a few songs; we loved it. They even sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY ¬†for our brother. The second set was even better than the first!

During the sets we saw a great musical depth and versatility seldom seen. Each piece was unique and entertaining. We enjoyed World Class Music in our own home, and maybe you can too! When they are rich and famous stars, we will have great memories of them being here. They are welcome back ANYTIME!!!

~ Dave Hiebert

Here is a video from a Toronto house concert in May 2016: