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This very talented and unique duo have produced a highly upbeat and entertaining album full of little surprises and clever, catchy tunes that are sure to brighten your day. Their multi-instrument, roots-based sound is a bit eclectic yet is also skillful and masterfully delivered. The songs are peppered with emotions and passion and their vocal style is complimentary to each other and enjoyably listenable. The assembled cast of musicians give exceptional support, making this an album that is well crafted and unified.

Lonesome Highwax, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland, April 2020

… they offer a truly mesmeric selection of musical styles …

Penguin Eggs, Edmonton, Alberta, 18 December 2019

Riffs of blues, rock, folk, reggae, and more-exotic global seasoning find their way into these catchy hybrid grooves.

It’s the offbeat wordplay that keeps you listening, and counter-culture or pop-culture references will resonate most readily with the boomer generation.

… good intentions feel designed to make you smile as you’re pondering life, the universe, and everything.

Rootstime, Belgium, October 2019
“ Jennis, Jen Gillmor & Dennis Gaumond surprise on their second album ‘The Mirror’, with the approach, in which roots and ethnic influences form a musical amalgam. They amaze not only with their compositions, but also with their excellent songwriting…”

Paris-Move, Paris, France, October 14, 2019

Rootsville Album Reports, Belgium, October 2019

The Midwest Record, Illinois, USA, October 8, 2019
JENNIS / The Mirror: Not exactly protest music or folk/emo, this pair of vet folkies are showing their pissed off side and they don’t care who knows it because they want everyone to wake up and know it. And these guys live in a country where the President doesn’t have orange hair. Not a clarion call but a wake up call appropriate to woke times, there ain’t no way this duo is going to sing you to sleep. Kumbiya, indeed. Check it out—the message is really in the music.

Toronto Blues Society Maple Blues Magazine, October 2019

The Kitchener Record, October 29, 2018

Calgary Herald, July 7, 2016

Segarini: Don’t Believe A Word I Say, October 11, 2016
Pat Blythe music blog
Jennis brought some fun and a few extremely interesting instruments to the stage …
Both a visual and auditory feast!

Sudbury Star, September 25, 2016


Jennis uses a host of instruments to create a unique blend that is both modern and timeless … a refreshing and inimitable style that is uniquely their own.
Alice Sellwood
Toronto Blues Society

We were very pleased to have booked Jennis to play the 33rd Midsummer Festival here in Smithers. From the get-go their professionalism was very apparent, and their performance and music fit perfectly in our diverse lineup. We had them play an intimate venue which festival goers raved about as being one of their favourite performances, and they also had a wonderful main stage set that had the audience transfixed and moving.

Both Dennis and Jen stayed at the festival, and joined in the festivities allowing the audience and other artists to interact with them.

As a unique duo with a modern roots and blues sound, I would highly recommend them for consideration.
Dave McTavish
Smithers Midsummer Festival (BC, Canada), Artistic Director

JENNIS is one of those acts you dream about when producing shows. Very rarely do bands so new sound so polished together, and the fact that they can seamlessly jump between blues, funk, folk, and rock music during their set is a testament to their skills as musicians and singers. Running a venue for 2 and a half years, as well as producing many other events, I’ve encountered some phenomenal acts from across the country – but it’s a rare occasion when I’m both blown away by what I’m seeing on stage and also truly emotionally engaged in the music. The duo travelled the musical world (and an impressive number of instruments) through their 45-minute set, performing for a small, intimate crowd with the energy and enthusiasm of a large theatre show.

 Anytime JENNIS come out west in the future, I’ll try to get them on a show I’m putting on – and if I can’t, I’ll be in the front row of wherever they’re playing!
Paul Little
Artistic Director, The Purple Room (Winnipeg, MB)

I’ve seen lots of bands over the past 40 years, everyone from the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd to Merle, Haggard and Lisa Minnelli — and I have to say that watching Jennis perform was truly one of the best musical experiences I have ever had.
Bruce Boucher
President, Kingston Blues Society

What do you get when you combine some talented songwriting, warm, rich vocals along with a resophonic guitar, cello, flute, jaw harp and even a didgeridoo?  A unique and impressive blend of folk, roots and bluesy sounds served up as a fine, entertaining evening of Jennis music.
Debra Thornington
Director, Ottawa Blues Society
Chair & Host of DAWG’ON BLUES, 101.9 DAWG FM

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Jennis at Hugh’s Room, Toronto