Survey for Jennis fans — help us get a grant!

Survey: We’re writing a grant application and one of the questions we need to answer for the jury is “What do other people say they see in your work?” So if you’ve seen us or enjoyed our album, what does your experience of Jennis say to you? Please help us get the grant by offering your 2 cents in the comment window below! Thank you for taking a few moments to support our Artist Development Grant!

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  1. Your ability as musicians to play up to a dozen different instruments in a single show inspires, particularly youth, to understand that learning one instrument is the gateway to many others.

    Plus, your ability to adapt to various gathering spaces (small halls, parks, restaurants) and deliver sound based on the logistics and acoustics makes it easy for non-traditional venues to book Jennis and improves the public’s access to live music.

  2. If you’re only going to catch one live show this year, make it Jennis! I was absolutely and totally blown away by their sound. They are creative geniuses.

  3. This talented duo are devoted both to community and to audience, and are an inspiration to hear. They are creating new Canadian cultural currents, reinforcing traditional sounds while weaving them with fresh contemporary spirit in a way that is definitive of the best of Canadian music talent. If you haven’t heard them yet they are out there gracing stages at intimate venues across Canada and building a following as they go. Spread the word as they are not to be missed!

  4. We heard them for the first time in Gananoque a few days ago. I am a bit blase about Canadian music these days because too much of it is parroted, commercialized and plastic. It seems like hackneyed noise that all sounds the same. But Jennis was different. Very different. They didn’t sound like wannabes. They didn’t have to try too hard or contrive for an image. It was very easy to connect to their music because it was shared from an exciting, pulsing and authentic place. This duo is effortlessly talented, connected to deeper and higher levels of the collective psyche yet very entertaining with mass appeal.
    I ended up buying a CD although I had sworn off buying music for years…yep they were that good. Love them.

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